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Aircraft Maintenance, skill 14  
Inspecting, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing all types of aircraft, ensuring rigorous quality and safety standards.
                                  Why is this skill important?
An aircraft maintenance technician may work on commercial or private aircraft applying a range of highly skilled tasks and processes including inspection, servicing, troubleshooting, removal, installation, rigging, testing, and repairing.


Important elements of the challenge include:

The aircraft maintenance technician will undertake a number of processes including sheet metal repair, following supplied drawings.

Each Competitor will also complete a visual Inspection of a helicopter prior to flight.

Competitors are tested on removing and installing components in an aircraft simulator.

Adhering to industry regulations and manufacturers’ instructions are essential to this Skill.


The Plan

  • You will need to be committed 100%.
  • You will be trained to the highest standard.
  • You will be examined under strict condition.
  • Elimination processes will take place starting end of Mar.

07 Mar 35 Students.

End of Mar 20 Students.

End of Apr 10 Students.

End of May 05 Students.

XX Jun 1 or 2 Students.


The benefits:

  • Gaining more knowledge.
  • Building experience in the field.
  • Getting exposed, and recognition.
  • A chance to represent the school, and Saudi Arabia.




AARC WSI Preparation

The Team.

  • The students: 35 to start with
  • The staff:
  • Seraj – Coordinator
  • Ibrahim – Mentor
  • Jim – Mentor
  • Rosh – Coordinator


 The organizers:

  • AARC, the Dean, External verifiers.
  • SaudiSkills, Mr. Salih AlSinasy, Eng Khalid Aldhabah.


The Competition:

  • PSAA, Jeddah.


Final Competitors:


 114923  115507

Ahmed bin Badia

Khalid Alabdulkareem