Technical Program (Years 2 and 3)

The technical program which takes 2 years to complete equips students for a career in aircraft maintenance. In the first year, students develop aviation industry awareness and familiarity with the technical skills required to work in the industry.  The college places a heavy emphasis on safety and developing the students’ ability to adhere to industry policies and procedures.

Students will work with and under the direction of a team of highly qualified and experienced aircraft engineers. In small groups students will be guided through a rich curriculum of theory and practical training.

The second year of the technical program focuses students on aircraft systems and power-plants (piston and turbine engines) and utilises leading edge aircraft simulation technology, training aids and actual aircraft and components for students to gain practical experience and understanding of the complexities of aircraft maintenance. By focusing on the practical training students are able to gain hands on experience and develop a better understanding of how to troubleshoot and maintain aircraft and aircraft systems. The practical training is performed in modern hangars and workshops which are fully equipped to ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills they need to work in the industry. Our world class interactive facility ensures students enter the workforce with the level of competence and confidence expected in the industry.