About Foundation

The Foundation Year is a one-year intensive program that provides quality training and uses modern communicative teaching methods to prepare you for the study on the Technical Program (Years 2 and 3) and sets you up for a rewarding career in aviation maintenance.



Course content:

Foundation has an interesting and varied curriculum of:

  • General English

  • Aviation English

  • IT

  • Numeracy and Employability



English is the language of the aviation industry and here at IATC we use specially designed courses to improve your general English language capabilities as well as enhance your command of aviation-related English.

The Foundation year English course uses course books designed by using course books designed by Oxford and Cambridge University to develop and integrate the four language skills into every class

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Listening

  • Speaking


Other areas such as spelling, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are also worked on.  The program combines traditional face-to-face classes in our state-of-the-art classrooms with weekly ‘English Lab’ time in the computer laboratories.




You can expect to receive two internationally accredited qualifications during your time with IATC: the Cambridge University Preliminary English Test (PET) (link) and Cambridge International Certificate in IT Skills (CIT) (link).



Classes times:

Currently, classes start at 8.30 and run until 3.30 with a 1-hour lunch break and teaching pauses throughout the day to make studies comfortable.




Our interesting and useful lessons are delivered by highly experienced and internationally qualified instructors with a native or native-like English level.